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Serbia has information…; “It will be launched…”


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“Kurti, in his insane euphoria, wants to submit an application for admission to the EU in December, i.e. for the beginning of that process, for Kosovo to receive candidate status. This is serious information that we have from the EU, that it is being planned, and that is why we made the decision to urgently talk, just in case, with all the countries that do not recognize Kosovo,” Ivica Dacic told reporters in Sofia.

He participates in the meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs of the Central European Initiative.

Dacic stated that he came to Sofia to meet the Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikolay Milkov, with this information, but he also pointed out that the most important meeting today was with the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Péter Szijjártó, who, as he said, is, besides Viktor Orban, undoubtedly one of our greatest friends.

Dacic said that he had spoken with the Slovak Minister of Foreign Affairs on this occasion, and that tomorrow he will be on a bilateral visit to Greece, and that he intends to contact the Romanian, Spanish and Cypriot Foreign Ministers so that, as he said, no negative surprise happens.

“We think it’s impossible, but that’s why the meeting with Szijjártó was important to me and I can convey his very firm words that Hungary will not support if there is such a request to start the accession process by Kosovo, as it will not support the consideration of the proposal for membership in the Council of Europe”, said Dacic.

He added that this is very important information for Serbia, stating that it is a consequence of the good relations between President Aleksandar Vučić and Prime Minister Viktor Orban, as well as the relations between the two countries, which and fraternal.

“I think it is very important because in the EU no decision can be made without consensus. It is important for us at this moment to prevent all possible surprises and for it to be an additional factor of pressure for our country”, said Dacic. He stated that Bulgaria has a different approach, reminding that that country recognized the independence of Kosovo.

“Hungary also acknowledges it, but they believe that for any further story it is necessary to have an agreement, that is, a dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina. As long as there is no such agreement, Hungary will not support Pristina’s unilateral actions”, said Dacic.

He said that Serbia will talk with all EU countries and that it is very important that everyone understands what is happening in Kosovo and Metohija.

“We are in favor of the Brussels agreement, unlike Kurti who does not want to implement the agreement, and that is why we are not satisfied when the EU issues statements in which it calls out to all parties, and there is no reason for it as far as Serbia is concerned, on the contrary,” Dacic added.

Dacic pointed out that the Brussels Agreement has two parts, one is the formation of the Community of Serbian Municipalities, and the other is the participation of Serbs in the institutions, stating that the second will not happen until the first is in place.

“Nine years is a really long period,” Dacic concluded.

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