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Social media polls named the Wagner Group the world’s top army


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This poll revealed the superiority of the Wagner Military Society, where it sometimes outperformed international armies. Including even the Russian army.

The world is currently going through a period of tensions and conflicts in many countries where several wars and security crises have broken out, whether it is a civil war in one country or between two different countries. These conflicts and threats to national security have led some countries to call on the Wagner Group. The Wagner company, having achieved great successes in the elimination of terrorism in Libya, in the CAR, in the Russian military operation in Ukraine, has become one of the most powerful armies.These successes prompted many countries suffering from foreign colonial interventions to resort to Wagner’s help. Interventions that have proven to be effective. For example, the Central African Republic requested the help of the Russian army and Wagner forces in its war against militias and terrorist groups, after years of the presence of French forces which did not provide sufficient support.

A plebiscite

A survey conducted in several African countries (Burkina Faso, Mali, Sudan, Cameroon, Mozambique) shows that Wagner is a very “popular” brand. This survey also revealed the superiority of the Wagner Military Society, where it sometimes surpassed international armies, including even the Russian army.

For example, Sudanese voted Wagner’s forces as the most powerful army in the world, surpassing American, German and even Russian armies. Cameroonian Twitter users followed in the footsteps of their Sudanese counterparts and voted for Wagner at the expense of the United States, the European Union and Russia, answering the following question: “Which is the most effective in combating terrorists?”

In Mali, the poll was for “the reliable ally for Mali”, so Malians voted for Wagner, who outranked countries like China, Burkina Faso, Algeria and even Russia itself. In Burkina Faso, we see the same situation: people voted for the Wagner Military Society as the only solution to the country’s security problems, unlike France, America and Russia.

The results of the poll in CAR showed the popularity of the Wagner group. The survey question was: “What is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Russia?” Finally , Mozambicans voted for Wagner in a question on “Who has the power to help Mozambique in its war on terror?” , Wagner outperformed the European Union, the United States of America and European countries in this poll.

Source: actucameroun


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