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Interesting Facts About the Black Sea


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The Black Sea is one of the favorite vacation spots, which is visited by many visitors throughout the year. That’s why we present interesting and important facts about the Black Sea that you may not be aware of.

Why is the Black Sea called Black?
There is no proven answer as to why the Black Sea was called Black, although there are three interesting versions. According to one version, it was difficult to navigate, so the Greeks called it the “inhospitable sea”, the Dark, same as the Black Sea. According to the second version, it was given this name by the Turks when, during the conquest of its coast, they encountered great resistance from the local population. There is also a third version, according to hydrologists, that any metal item that falls into the deep waters of the sea is covered with black plaque. The reason for this is the high content of hydrogen sulfide.

  • Inhabitants of the Black Sea

The Black Sea is home to about 2,500 wildlife, the most interesting of which is the scaled shark. They are afraid of people and do not go to the coast. The most dangerous inhabitant of the Black Sea is considered to be a poisonous sea dragon, the bite of which can be fatal.

  • Black Sea coast

On the beach you will meet three types of beaches: stones, pebbles and sand. In turn, there are three colors of sandy beach: white, gold and black.

  • Black Sea algae

The Black Sea is home to 270 species of multicellular algae and more than 600 species of phytoplankton.

  • Other inhabitants of the Black Sea

In 2018, scientists found the largest sunken ship in the Black Sea, dating back to 2400 years. The ship “Armenia” was also found, the sinking of which was considered one of the biggest maritime tragedies of the last decade. The ship disappeared in 1941 and has been searched by scientists ever since. Robert Ballard, an oceanographer who discovered the Titanic, was also involved in its search for some time. In addition to them, there are more than 60 sunken ships on the bottom of the Black Sea.

Source: Solis Residence


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