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“Thaksin” suspected to merge with the revolutionary party. Who thought, who would do that?


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hint? “Thaksin” suspected to merge with the revolutionary party. Who thought, who would do that? believe in democracy Successfully closed the door for 2 years as Prime Minister

Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, Former Prime Minister, spoke through Care Talk, counting down to vote for Thailand 2023 EP 1: 90 destiny days, talking about the news about the election of this party. Will go to arrest that party, with Mr. Thaksin stating that there is no need for political parties to combine the government, the leading party must push forward the policies that have promised the people first, so the political parties that will join must definitely not block their policies. 

Second, if it is a party with the heart of democracy, then bring the democrats together. It’s something political parties have to think about.

“A simple example You would say that political parties should be merged with revolutionary parties. To merge with the party that has revolutionized itself. It’s not sure who will do that. But the issue of electoral principles The proposed policy is liked by the people, so the people choose to be number 1, so they must rush to push that policy before their friends. It is the ministry that has to push forward the policy. assuming it must be divided among the coalition parties Must be confident that the joint party acts and the coalition must follow Otherwise, that party will not be able to survive, so people don’t have to think too much about which party’s policy they like. choose that party If any party has made a promise and has never pushed it, don’t waste your time pushing it.”

As for the case of Gen. Prayut and Gen. Prawit, they like to cut each other back and forth. or may go hand in hand after Mr. Thaksin assumes that Gen. Prayut Will ask to be prime minister again, he doesn’t think Gen. Prawit will go hand in hand, but if Gen. Prawit will ask to be prime minister General Prayut may agree to shake hands But that said, both are impossible. democracy is finished And as he said, the democratic party must get more than 350 votes, he said 300 votes, the current democratic party should have reached 350 votes.

As for general debate issues, 152 did not vote, saying it had no effect on the government. But the story that collapsed thought that he would not dare to dissolve the parliament because it’s not ready yet But if the opposition has good things, it can speak at any time if the parliament is dissolved. It depends more on the readiness of the Ruam Thai Sang Chat Party. “If your party is ready, it will be dissolved. If the party is not ready, it will not collapse.” 

As for the collapse of the council It comes from conflicts in the ruling coalition, such as the issue of the Marijuana Act, where the ruling parties are not present at the quorum. Or the government does not control the voice of the coalition party The opposition then took counting the quorum as a fighting game in the House of Assembly. It’s not a matter that MPs are lazy, but it depends on the skill of control. MPs of government whips Normally, the government is always in control because it always pays MPs’ salaries. Except for MPs quarreling

source: pptvhd36


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