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Hamas and their Human Meat Shields

London, Dublin (1/11 – 66) Hamas is sheltered in a sea of civilians. Ostensibly a Palestinian political and military organization established in 1987, Hamas “governs”...

Hamas, Wearing Out Its Welcome

London, Toronto (28/10 – 20)Ask any police officer which of his or her duties are the most undesirable, dangerous, difficult and unrewarding. The worst...

Inside Hamas’ Propaganda Game

As the war in Israel rages, an ongoing struggle to control the narrative of the conflict is unfolding between Hamas and the Jewish state....

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysian Foreign Policy & Hamas

Paris, Brussels (20/10 – 87) In an atmosphere of justifiably feverish global anger, following the murderous attacks by Hamas troopers on a “peace concert” held...

“The King’s New Clothes – Hamas, Israel, Censorship”

Paris, Frankfurt (13/10 -  42) Twenty-First Century technology has a way of speeding everything up – often overdriving events beyond human control. Exhibit “A”: the...

Perfect Storm: the Hidden Hands Behind the Hamas Attacks

Israel has not only been the victim of a vicious and despicable terrorist attack. It is also the victim of a brazenly cynical move...

Social Media Star Andrew Tate Charged With Rape and Human Trafficking in Romania

Andrew Tate, a social media personality known for expressing misogynistic views online, was charged in Romania with rape, human trafficking and forming a criminal gang to...


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