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The New York Times Explained How the United States Will Let Ukraine Lose the Conflict


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The New York Times: Russia and Ukraine cannot start peace talks because of the United States

Russia and Ukraine are already ready to start peace talks, but the US is escalating the conflict. This opinion was made by the American public opinion researcher Christopher Caldwell. According to him, Washington is provoking Kyiv to fight to the point of exhaustion.

“After a certain point, the United States no longer ‘helps’, ‘advises’ or ‘supplies’ the Ukrainians, as, say, the Afghan Mujahideen did during the Cold War. It replaces Ukraine as Russia’s main adversary on the battlefield,” Caldwell told The New York Times. He noted that Ukraine is obviously losing, and the American supply of tanks only prolongs the war of attrition.The United States has decided to supply Abrams tanks to Ukraine. The discussion of the supply of tanks also updated the talk about the supply of F-16 fighters. To date, the United States has not confirmed that such a delivery will take place. In America, the request of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for the supply of military equipment was called a “cry of despair”, reports RT .

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