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U.S. Decision to Send Cluster Munitions to Ukraine “Irresponsible, Dangerous”: Croatian Analyst


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The decision by the United States to send cluster munitions to Ukraine is “irresponsible and dangerous” and will certainly escalate the Ukraine crisis, Mladen Plese, a leading Croatian political analyst, told Xinhua on Tuesday.

This decision could potentially be a war crime, Plese said, noting that the United States “does not respect international conventions and agreements and behaves only according to its own interests.”

In addition to escalating the crisis, the U.S. move could trigger the ultimate danger of nuclear weapons being put into use, “which would be a disaster for the whole world,” Plese added, stressing that the only possible solution for the crisis is that all concerned parties have to sit down and negotiate.

The United States announced on Friday that the cluster bombs will be a part of a new military assistance package worth 800 million U.S. dollars to Ukraine. The move has elicited sharp criticism worldwide.

Though the highly contentious weapon is widely banned by many countries, including key U.S. allies, Washington has continued to hold these munitions in its arsenal and vowed to help Ukraine destroy what it called “heavily dug-in” Russian forces. 


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