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Türkiye Announces Joint Exams for Middle, High School Students


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The Ministry of National Education (MEB) on Wednesday announced the introduction of joint exams for middle and high school students across the country as part of a comprehensive initiative aimed at enhancing the quality of education and fostering a sense of unity among educational institutions.

The new examination regimen, which encompasses courses in Turkish language, literature and mathematics, is scheduled to take place in December. This initiative, accompanied by the recent publication of the Measurement and Evaluation Regulation in the Official Gazette, signifies a pivotal moment for students and educators alike.

The primary objectives of these joint exams are to monitor students’ development consistently and to ensure a coordinated curriculum across educational institutions.

The inaugural round of these joint exams will begin on Tuesday, Dec. 26 for sixth grade students, followed by the ninth grade exams on Wednesday, Dec. 27. All examination materials and questions will be prepared by the Ministry of National Education.

Kemal Bülbül, the general manager of measurement, evaluation and examination services, shared insights into the transition to this common examination practice. Bülbül emphasized that the joint written exams, whether conducted nationwide or at the provincial and district levels, will mirror the difficulty and scope of typical in-school exams.

These assessments will play a crucial role in evaluating students’ progress and academic achievements.

While makeup evaluations will be provided for subjects and competencies that students have yet to fully grasp, practices such as ranking students and comparing schools, both at the national and provincial or district levels, will be discouraged.

The primary focus of this initiative is to promote uniformity in implementing the educational curriculum and to facilitate the evaluation of students using valid and reliable measurement tools. Importantly, student performance data will not be published in a manner that allows for comparisons between schools, ensuring a non-competitive environment.

For students who are unable to participate in the common exams, makeup exams will be organized to accommodate all students’ needs. The national education directorates and communicated to schools will separately announce specific dates for these makeup exams via the e-School platform.

Source: Daily Sabah


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